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8 Pro Tips on how to create an effective website

Think of your website as an online office where your customers can meet with you. Your website needs a professional set-up to enable conversion and possibly attract your potential customers.

  1. Create a business and website plan
  2. Understand your buyer persona
  3. Utilize the power of content
  4. Appeal to your customers with visuals
  5. Optimize your content with SEO best practices
  6. Be creative and professional with your website design
  7. Get your customers to talk about your brand
  8. Update your website regularly

Just like any decision making process, you need information and that’s the essence of this article. We are going to provide you some pro tips we used for the websites we develop and you can also apply them as well. Enough of the intro let’s get down to business.

  1. Create a business and website plan

A business plan is a document that directs the affairs of your business and helps drive focus. Your business plan helps you strategize and guides you on making critical decisions for your business. To help you create a good business plan, develop a business model canvas.

A business model shows how your business intends to make money. It is a blueprint for an organization to strategize. The business model is developed based on these nine building blocks;

  • Key partners
  • Key activities
  • Key resources
  • Value propositions
  • Customer relationships
  • Customer segments
  • Channels
  • Cost structure
  • Revenue streams

Your business plan should contain information like, your marketing plan, competitor analysis, SWOT analysis, and more. What you hope to achieve with your website should be covered in your marketing plan. For instance your quarterly marketing goal might be; increasing your customer by 100, increasing your website leads by 250, and increasing your website visits by 1500.

Why should someone choose you over the competition? Why do you need a website? How will you drive ROI with your website? What will your website visitors do on your website? These questions should run through your mind when creating a website plan and you might need a digital marketing agency to help you out.

  1. Understand your buyer persona

Buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of an ideal customer based on real data and some select speculations about your customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivation and goals..

Your customers are valuable to your business and understanding them would help you meet their needs. Ensure you understand their buying process, where they live, what they are interested in, their pain points in purchasing what you offer, what motivates their buying, what their expectations are when using your product or service, their income status and more.

This information can help you create relevant content that can possibly increase conversion rate for your business.

Make sure you meet the needs of your buyer persona with what you offer.

  1. Utilize the power of content

Use the information you have about your customers to create relevant content they can resonate with. Reference your brand’s tone and voice when creating your content. Use these guidelines to create a killer content;

  • Make your home page the first conversion point.
  • Do not overwhelm your visitors with irrelevant information.
  • Be clear, precise and engaging as possible.
  • Use simple and conversational English in your content and a straight forward layout.
  • Include a CTA (call to action) on nearly every page of your website.
  • Understand the buyer persona’s journey you’re trying to communicate with.
  • Provide relevant information about your product or service.
  • Use enough white space.

Need help creating a powerful content? Work with a content marketer expert

  1. Use high-quality images

Your images and graphics should represent your brand and what you stand for. Use images that relate with the geographical location of your business. Use images with HD quality and that are appropriate to the device your audience will use.

Using images with people in them feels more human and engaging. People love to relate with people. Reduce the number of slides you use on your website, they can be a little bit distracting. You don’t want your visitors leaving your site. Images should not be stretched or pixelated.

  1. Optimize your content with SEO best practices

Do you think its complex actually, it’s not, use these tips to help you get started:

  • Use keywords related to the products you offer or the industry you operate.
  • Create blog posts on topics your customers would value and topics you want to rank for.
  • Build internal and inbound links around your blog post content.
  • Optimize your content for featured snippet.
  • Optimize your old blog post (6-12 months old) that’s still relevant.
  1. Be creative and professional with your website design

Choose the right font, color and website template that resonates with your brand and the industry you operate in.

For the right choice of color keep contrast in mind. Contrast means how well one color stands out from another. To increase click-through rate make sure there’s a strong contrast between the CTA (Call To Action) button and the rest of the design.

Your choice of color should depict thoughts and emotions you expect your customers to have about your business.

Use 2-3 font families on a single webpage and fewer for your ads and images. A font family simply means a grouping of fonts defined by commonly shared design style.

Each font family has what they are best used for. Serif is a font family that is used to improve the readability of text in things like blogs, articles and newspapers.

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  1. Get your customers to talk about your brand

Having your customers share their experience with your product or service, makes them feel important and also assures new customers that they are making the right decision if they choose you.

Portfolios, testimonials, and case studies on websites have been proven to improve customer acquisition by 43% something you can’t afford to ignore.

Include social shares and follow buttons, give your customers the space to review your brand on social media. Utilize this opportunity and you’ll be grateful you did.

  1. Update your website regularly

The mistake most website owners do is to fold their hands after getting their website launched. Updating your website is key in this digital age.

Identify unknown broken links, fix bugs and malware, also test and never stop testing your web page load time. Update your website content, improve, and analyze the performance of your website content.


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